Athens Relocation Guide

Moving to a new city is an exciting time that opens up a world of opportunities. Each city has its own places to go, things to do, and individual characteristics that make it unique, and Athens, GA, is no different. Athens is rich in culture, and its many residents create a diverse and exciting atmosphere. At Athens Ridge, we provide top-rated apartments in Athens for students looking to rent near the UGA campus. Our apartments provide our residents with resort-style living for relaxing and enjoyable college years.

Questions About Relocating to Athens, GA

If you’re new to Athens you might have some questions about life in the city. Below are some common questions students ask so you can move to Athens prepared and find the perfect student apartment.

What are my transportation options to campus?

For students living in Athens apartments near UGA, commuting may be as simple as a walk or bike away. For those living farther off-campus, vehicle transportation will likely be required. If you don’t own a car, Athens has a public transportation system that you can use. Just be sure to review the routes and know where the stops are.

How can I exercise in Athens?

Many students like to stay physically active to remain in good health during their college years. The city of Athens provides various parks, such as Bishop Park, where students can get some exercise. Bishop Park contains a track, a large field and swimming during the summer. You can also get a gym membership or see if your Athens student living option provides its residents with a fitness center, as many do.

Do Athens apartments allow pets?

Not every apartment complex in Athens will allow pets. If you want to bring your pet with you to college, be sure to ask if pets are allowed when looking for University of Georgia student apartments for rent. Many apartments that allow pets will charge you a one-time fee or a monthly fee so that your pet can stay with you. Also, be sure to ask if there are any restrictions on the type and size of pet allowed. At Athens Ridge, we provide pet friendly townhomes Athens students can rent near UGA. We don’t have any breed restrictions and only require a one-time $300 pet fee.

What is the atmosphere like in apartments?

Most apartments in Athens near UGA cater to students, meaning that most of the residents will be people close in age to you. This creates a very social and friendly environment where students can meet and get along. New apartments in Athens also tend to have numerous apartment amenities, such as resort-style pools, game rooms, volleyball courts, and club houses where social events are held for student residents.

Should I get renters’ insurance?

Renter’s insurance is not a requirement, but it is highly advised as a precautionary measure in case your belongings are stolen or damaged while living even in some of the best student housing in Athens. If something were to happen to your possessions due to burglary, a natural disaster or fire, your landlord would not be responsible. Renters’ insurance can keep you from having to replace everything yourself.

Where can I find nightlife in Athens?

If you’re in the mood to go out at night while living in Athens, downtown is the place to go. Life in downtown Athens is always bustling no matter the time of day. There are various bars, restaurants, nightclubs and concert venues located in the area for all-night entertainment.

What are some good places to eat?

Athens, GA, is littered with delicious restaurants in every corner. If you’re on a student budget and seeking a meal that will fill you up, Cookout is the place to go. This restaurant serves burgers, BBQ, milkshakes and a large selection of sides all at a friendly price, making it a student favorite. Other great restaurants near UGA are The National, Mama’s Boy, The Grill, Pauley’s Crepe Bar, and Ike & Jane Cafe and Bakery.

What are fun things to do in Athen on a student budget?

Money can be tight for students but that doesn’t mean that they can’t have fun. Ciné is a local movie theatre that shows indie movies as well as the most current showings and students can get a discount to watch movies for under $10. If you enjoy finding new local bands, many places in Athens such as Hendershot’s Coffee Bar, Caledonia Lounge, Flicker Theatre & Bar, and Highwire Lounge host live music for free or for a $5–$10 cover. You can visit the Georgia Museum of Art for a view of its must-see works of art and its complimentary admission.

Where can I go shopping in Athens?

When it’s time for shopping in Athens, GA, head to Georgia Square Mall. There you will be able to shop dozens of top brand stores to find what you need. If you want local shops, then Downtown is the place to find them.

How can I lower my utility bill?

To lower your utility bill, turn off any lights when they are not needed, unplug electronics that are not in use, take shorter showers, only use the dishwasher and washer for full loads, and use fans and blankets to moderate temperatures rather than solely relying on your A/C and heater.

What can I do to ensure a good relationship with my roommate?

Living with another person may be a new experience, especially if it is a roommate whom you don’t know. In order to ensure an amicable relationship, you should clearly communicate with each other and establish certain boundaries if needed. The more you communicate, the less likely it is for someone to do something that the other person dislikes. Also, try to spend time in common areas rather than your room so that you can get to know each other and maybe even go out to explore the city together.

Where can I take my family when they visit me?

If your parents are coming to Athens to visit, you may be wondering where to take them. Downtown is the spot many students choose to take their families because of the vast amounts of activities, restaurants and entertainment in the area. Downtown also has many fine restaurants that you may want to try, especially if your parents will be picking up the check.

What student housing options are there in Athens?

Athens, GA, provides many housing options both on-campus and off-campus for UGA students. On-campus housing options include dorms, suites and apartments. Off-campus housing can include rental homes, condos, townhouses and apartments. At Athens Ridge, we provide new student housing Athens students can choose for comfortable and luxurious living.

What are some cool amenities that apartments offer?

Top apartments in Athens offer their residents many resort-style amenities for a truly spectacular living experience. Some of the amenities we provide at Athens Ridge are a huge UGA-themed pool, a lazy river to tube and relax, a beach area with sand volleyball, a 20-foot outdoor TV, a fire pit, charcoal grills, tanning beds, a study lounge, a fitness center and much more!

How can I meet new people in Athens?

When moving to a new city it might seem difficult to make new friends. The best way to start meeting people is by getting involved in university events and social gatherings hosted specifically for students. UGA also has many organizations that you can join to meet people with similar interests, while building up your resume at the same time.

Types of Student Housing in Athens, GA

Types of Student Housing in Athens, GA

Deciding where to live when moving to a new city can be a difficult challenge. Once you sign a lease, you will likely be there for a long period of time, so it is best to weigh out all your options to make the most informed decision. Fortunately, Athens student housing options are plentiful in and around the GSU campus. This provides students with a greater choice of locations, prices, amenities, living style, and more. The closer you are able to match your housing option to your lifestyle needs and wants, the more at home you will feel and the more you will enjoy your college experience. Another thing to keep in mind is your budget. Different budgets will allow you different housing options and it is best not to stretch it thin since cutting funds out of your other living expenses could hamper your overall living experience. At Athens Ridge, we provide some of the best student housing in Athens while staying in a student-friendly budget.

Athens, GA, On-Campus Housing

The biggest appeal to on-campus housing for students is the location. On-campus housing is located within the university campus, making daily commuting a breeze. Sometimes it is as simple as a short walk or bike to your classes. This is a big benefit for those who don’t want to wake up as early to catch a class or who wish to run back to their apartment in between classes rather than waiting on campus for an hour or more. Many students also like living on-campus because it allows them to be in the center of student life and around for university-hosted events. This is very beneficial for incoming students because it allows them to get to know the campus faster, meet new people close to their age and get involved with the university. Another benefit of on-campus housing is that utilities are usually included in rent, so you don’t have to worry about additional expenses, and rent is due at the beginning of every semester in full. What students trade for living on-campus, however, is space and freedom. On-campus housing tends to be smaller than off-campus living options and when living on campus there are rules set in place by which you must adhere by. On-campus housing also tends to be more expensive and you cannot stay there during certain breaks and holidays. The University of Georgia offers its students three types of housing: residence hall rooms, suites, and apartments.

Residence Hall Rooms

Residence halls provide the traditional dorms that most people associate with college. Dorms are single rooms with two beds in them. This means that you must share the space with another person, there are no separate rooms. If you do not sign up with a roommate in mind, the university will match you up with a random roommate. Dorms do not come with kitchens, laundry rooms, or bathrooms in the unit, those are found in communal areas in the building.


On-campus suite housing is a mix between dorms and apartments. Suites contain multiple individual bedrooms, although they usually have two people living per bedroom like a dorm, but with a bathroom or bathrooms in the unit. They do not, however, have a kitchen or dining room. Those are usually communal spaces in the building, along with laundry facilities.


On-campus apartments provide individual rooms for their residents and come equipped with bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room and dining room and sometimes even laundry facilities. They differ from off-campus apartments in size and price, since they are usually smaller and more expensive.

Off-Campus Housing in Athens, GA

Off-campus student housing provides UGA students with more freedom and control over their lifestyles. It also offers more spacious layouts and privacy through individual bedrooms. Unlike university housing, leases for off-campus housing tend to last an entire year, which allows you to stay in your housing during holidays, breaks and during the summer after finals are over. Rent is also often less expensive than on-campus housing; however, utilities may be added separately. Off-campus housing also requires more responsibility on your part, and you will need to remember to pay a monthly rent rather than just a one-time payment. Student apartments Athens, GA students may choose will likely be a longer commute to campus as well, requiring a bike, motor vehicle, or bus for transportation.


Renting a house provides student with the most space and freedom of all off-campus housing options. When renting a house, you get to choose who lives with you rather than being assigned random roommates if rooms aren’t filled like apartments do. Your floor plan will also likely provide you with more living space, storage space and privacy since the walls aren’t connected to another residency. Another benefit of renting a house is that you will have a private parking space and even a yard. Unfortunately though, rent and utilities can be more expensive for houses, and if your roommates were to leave, you would be solely responsible for paying the rent. Depending on your landlord, you may also be required to perform maintenance for your house or pay for the service.

Townhouses & Condos

There are various condos and townhomes Athens students can choose from for off-campus living, and they provide a mix between a house and an apartment. Townhouses and condos tend to be more spacious and private than apartments. However, they still share adjoining walls with other residencies, so noise can be a problem, as it often leaks through the walls. Rent and utility costs may also be higher than an apartment, but often considerably less than a house. Townhouses and Condos are under homeowners associations, which means that you are provided with certain maintenance services, as well as communal amenities. The downside of this, however, is that there are more rules and restrictions in place than a house.

Student Apartments

Apartments are the most popular student choice for off-campus housing because they provide more freedom, privacy and space than on-campus housing but at a lower price than other forms of housing and without so many responsibilities. Apartments have management that provide maintenance and repairs free of charge for the units. They also have amenities, such as community pools, lounges, computer rooms, fitness centers, cable and wifi. Certain apartments, known as luxury apartments, upgrade and increase the level of amenities they offer to provide their residents with resort-style living. Apartment complexes also tend to host social events for students to meet and interact, which is a great way for new students to make friends. Apartments, however, are known for being noisier than houses because they share walls with other residents. Also, if your apartment is not filled, random students may be assigned to the empty rooms by management. Pets can sometimes be an issue with apartment complexes, but most apartments tend to allow them by charging you extra fees. Parking can also be an issue, since it is often limited, and in order to have your car parked you will likely need to purchase a parking permit.

Athens Apartments Near UGA

At Athens Ridge, we can provide you with off-campus housing that will meet all your needs and wants for a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle throughout the year. Our townhome-style apartments provide resort-style living at an affordable price. Contact us today if you’re looking to live in top rated apartments in Athens, GA.

Student Guide to Athens, GA

Guide to Athens, GA

Guide To Athens

Moving to a new city to attend a university is both exciting and scary. While many new adventures await you, you must also get to know the city, meet new people and find out where the best place would be for you to live. Athens, GA, is a great city with lots of diversity and culture that provides more than enough to keep its residents and University of Georgia students with plenty to do and experience. Thankfully, you don’t have to figure out the city on your own. This guide provides information on some of the most popular neighborhoods to live in for students, things to do and places to eat. At Athens Ridge, we provide townhouses Athens students can choose for resort-style living at an affordable price.

Best Neighborhoods for Athens Student Living

Athens, GA, is more than just a college town; however, the large student population certainly plays a major part in the diversity and character of the city. Different areas of the city provide its residents with their own unique attractions that meet their style of living. These are the top-four preferred neighborhoods for Athens student housing.

Five Points

Five Points is very likely the most student-oriented neighborhood in Athens. In fact, the area feels more like an extension of the university than part of the city. Five Points is located within walking distance from the UGA campus, making daily commuting a breeze, and it’s also in close proximity to the sorority and fraternity houses, making it a perfect location for any student considering rushing. The area provides multiple study spots, coffee shops and some of the best student housing in Athens as well as popular restaurants and entertainment.

Normaltown & Prince Avenue

Normaltown & Prince Avenue is located in the northwest side of downtown Athens and is the perfect place for any students drawn to nightlife and the peculiar gems of the city. While Five Points is more student oriented, Normaltown and Prince Avenue provides a more appealing area for locals, given its many town-favorite restaurants, bars and night clubs. This side of town has something for everyone and is bound to provide enough entertainment and attractions week after week.


Downtown Athens could very well be the most lively area in all of Athens, GA, and is perfect for those students who prefer the bustling life. Located by North Campus, downtown Athens is the melting pot of the city. You can find everything from bars, restaurants and nightclubs to concert venues, local shops and top-rated apartments in Athens. One thing is for certain, in downtown Athens the entertainment and attractions will stretch into the late hours every night of the week, providing its residents with fun at all times of the day.


For a more relaxed and removed lifestyle, Chicopee-Dudley provides the perfect environment. The area is located on the eastern side of the city and provides its residents with a unique atmosphere compared to the bustling life of areas like Downtown. The location isn’t without its attractions, though. In Chicopee-Dudley, residents can find multiple coffee shops, restaurants, parks and even shopping.

Places to Go in Athens

  • Bishop Park: Bishop Park is perfect for those who want to get some exercise, play a team sport or simply have a picnic. The park contains a track, a large field, swimming during the summer and a playground. It also hosts a farmers market on Saturdays.
  • Vision Video: Remember the old video stores where you could go and rent from a selection of a hundred different movies on-site? While they are hard to come by now, Athens still has a local video store. Vision Video provides Athens with the latest releases and classics for rent.
  • Georgia Theatre: Built in 1889 and restored and reopened in 2011 after burning down in 2009, the Georgia Theatre is one of the favorite spots in Athens. In this famous venue, you can catch many of the big, national-touring bands perform.
  • Creature Comforts Brewing Co.: Creature Comforts Brewing Co. is not just a brewery with tours and great beers, it is also a popular hangout spot year round. The brewery provides communal tables, a cool interior, a side lot with live music and of course, a selection of beers.
  • Ciné: Ciné is a local cinema and lounge in Athens with a great selection of films for residents. The cinema constantly screens many independent films that are hard to find in other theaters. During the summer, Ciné also hosts its Summer Film Series.
  • Georgia Museum of Art: With over 9,000 works of art, the Georgia Museum of Art is the official state art museum of Georgia and a must see. Admission is complimentary, and its art pieces are bound to keep you in awe for hours.
  • Georgia Square Mall: Whenever you need to get shopping done, head to Georgia Square Mall. With dozens of top brand stores, you will find everything you need and often at great deals.

Places to Eat in Athens

  • Cookout: Do you enjoy BBQ, burgers and milkshakes? Cookout offers this delicious food at a budget-friendly price, making it a favorite place for students to dine.
  • Ted’s Most Best: Located in downtown Athens, Ted’s Most Best is the perfect place for hand-tossed pizza and beer. It is also considered one of the restaurants with the best outdoor dining areas.
  • The National: The National is a culinary cornerstone of Athens, GA, and a must try for every resident and visitor. The restaurant serves a Mediterranean-inspired menu that is absolutely exquisite.
  • The Globe: The Globe is a local favorite and a great hangout spot for groups. Apart from a delicious menu, the restaurant also hosts free Irish music jam sessions on Sunday afternoons made up of the locals.
  • Ike & Jane: Ike & Jane is a doughnut and breakfast-sandwich spot with great outdoor seating for a relaxing start to your day. This local favorite serves a large menu of unique, freshly made doughnuts daily.

Student Housing in Athens, GA

If you are moving to Athens, GA, and looking for student housing near the University of Georgia, look no further. At Athens Ridge, we provide premier townhome-style student apartments just minutes away from campus and with everything you could need for relaxing and comfortable living. Contact us today for an apartment you’ll be glad to call home during your years at UGA.

Two win FREE rent for one semester

Runfan Huo (left) and Clete Miller were the first of eight to win FREE rent for one semester.

In a show of resident appreciation, Athens Ridge has awarded the first two new winners of free rent for one semester. The prize is worth $3000, roughly the cost of a semester of rent.

There will be four drawings for the new contest, and two people will be chosen at each drawing to win. The first event was January 29th at the clubhouse.

Athens Ridge served pizza and held the drawing at 8 p.m.

“It was definitely a mad rush for the pizza,” Elizabeth Beall, Resident Relations and Marketing Manager for Athens Ridge said, “I think they went through ten pizzas in a minute.”

Beall said that most of the attendees at the event were residents who renewed their leases, but there were some new residents present.

The first winner at the drawing, Runfan Huo, said that he planned on renewing his lease for 2016 anyway but that the contest made him more excited to renew.

“I was very excited at the time,” he said about winning, “When I first told my family, they were very excited. I really appreciate this from Athens Ridge.”

Huo joins the second winner, Clete Miller who is actually coming back to Athens Ridge after a year living elsewhere.

“Athens Ridge is an awesome place to live. The community provides endless accommodations for its residents,” Miller said, “I am very excited to be back.” For Miller, winning the contest is more of a homecoming story, and he said that his family didn’t believe him when he told them he won the drawing.

“When I sent them the picture, they were very happy for me,” Miller said, “I can focus on school without the burden of hoping to have enough money for rent. I feel #blessed!”

“I think more people are excited if they didn’t participate in the last contest to have another chance,” Beall said. Athens Ridge is also hoping to draw more new residents to the events to add to their sense of community.

How it works

Students must be present to win. However, the names in these drawings will be taken from those present at each of the renewal events. Students signing new leases are also eligible to win.

When students arrive to the dinners, they will sign in and be given a drawing ticket. Names will be entered from the sign-in list, so students are reminded to make sure they sign in when they arrive at the event.

The events are also a chance for students to hang out and have dinner together, free of cost. Athens Ridge puts together many events to help students socialize with one another.

The next drawing has been tentatively set for February 26, but nothing is set in stone yet. Beal advises residents to watch the Athens Ridge social media accounts to make sure they don’t miss the next event.


Be your own Valentine: Alternatives for February 14th


There are two kinds of people in this world: people who love Valentine’s Day and people who hate it. No matter which type of person you are, you may not have a date for all of the lovers’ festivities.

Whether that is by choice or not, we’ve put together a few ideas of how you can celebrate your solo Valentine’s Day.

Galentine’s Day

Girls night or guys night out, commonly referred to as Galentine’s Day when a group of women are involved, is a great way to have fun if you are single. Get a group of your single friends or friends who aren’t going out with significant others, and go out on the town.

Catch a movie, have dinner, and do drinks. Go dancing, play laser tag, or go to an event in a different town.

Basically, change up the scenery and focus on having fun instead of not having a date.

Take yourself out

Maybe all your friends are busy. It’s not ideal, but it happens. So, take yourself out. As much as you might worry what other people will think if you go to dinner and a movie alone, they probably aren’t thinking about you at all.

Don’t get so caught up with what others might be thinking and miss out on some fun time to yourself.

Try something new

Go do yoga or take a cooking class. Go on a hike. Ride a bike on the greenway. Do something, anything new and interesting to you. What better time to further your own interests than when everyone else is preoccupied with their significant other?

Go to that new restaurant or bar you’ve been dying to try. You could even take a road trip. The key is to get out of the house and have as much fun as you can.

Pretend to be a tourist

Can’t get out of town? Pretend to be a tourist right where you are. Go park somewhere and walk around taking pictures and selfies. You’d be surprised at how much fun you can have.

Spend the day talking in a different accent and asking people about restaurants and tourist sights.

You’ll have a secret of your own, and soon you may start to see Athens through a tourist’s eyes.

Stay in with yourself

That’s right. We said it. Stay in! Don’t go anywhere. Spend the night in your sweats eating pizza with double cheese and tons of junk food.

Watch Netflix or catch up on your favorite book. Take some time to decompress and get some real relaxing done.

You’ll thank yourself later.

No matter what your plans for Valentine’s Day are, try to have as much fun as you can. There is no reason why everyone can’t have a good

Last student wins a year of FREE rent, 8 will win semester of FREE rent

Athens Ridge awarded the last of four prizes for free rent for one year on January 15th. Joining the other winners was Athens Ridge resident Kaleigh Satterfield. Students at the final renewal dinner were served pizza, and three students also took home cash prizes.

“We had a great turnout,” Elizabeth Beall, Resident Relations and Marketing Manager for Athens Ridge said.

Of her win, Satterfield said, “It’s amazing. It’s incredible. I can’t even describe the feeling. It’s like a weight being lifted. I just want to say thank you so much to Athens Ridge.”

Satterfield said that she didn’t expect to be the winner when she walked into the renewal dinner and was actually more excited about the three cash prizes.

“I wanted to renew anyway,” she said, “but this [the contest] made me do it quicker.” Satterfield said that residents and staff alike have been congratulating her on her win, and she has felt a strong outpouring of support.

“Everyone was so happy for me.” After Satterfield called to tell her mother the news, it spread like wildfire through her family.

“She was yelling on the phone, and then she and my dad told everyone else,” Satterfield said.

Satterfield also said that the love and support from residents and staff at Athens Ridge made her love living here even more.

“The whole community is like a big family. Everyone gets along and makes friends,” she said.

Next Contest

Athens Ridge is offering eight more students the chance to win FREE rent, this time $3,000 worth, roughly the cost of a semester. There will be four drawings for the new contest, and two people will be chosen at each drawing to win. The first event was January 29th at the clubhouse.

The other drawings will be announced at a later date. Students must be present to win. However, the names in these drawings will be taken from those present at each of the renewal events. Students signing new leases are also eligible to win.

When students arrive to the dinners, they will sign in and be given a drawing ticket. Names will be entered from the sign-in list, so students are reminded to make sure they sign in when they arrive at the event.

The events are also a chance for students to hang out and have dinner together, free of cost. Athens Ridge puts together many events to help students socialize with one another.

In college it can be hard to meet people sometimes, so putting together events like the free rent drawings or just events on the property can help students feel like they are not alone.

“When we have pool events,” Satterfield said, “that’s when I get to know a lot of people.”

So, come out for the next drawing and meet some new friends. Sign or renew your lease, and have your chance to win $3,000 in FREE rent.

8 students will win FREE RENT for one semester



Athens Ridge is offering eight more students the chance to win FREE rent, this time $3,000 worth, roughly the cost of a semester.

In a show of resident appreciation, Athens Ridge just awarded four residents with free rent for one year after students renewed their leases for 2016.

The new contests will not only triple the amount of winners from four to twelve, but it will also allow soon-to-be residents to have a chance to win.

There will be four drawings for the new contest, and two people will be chosen at each drawing to win. The first event will be Friday at the clubhouse. Pizza will be served from 6-8 p.m., and the drawing will be held at 8 p.m.

Of the winners, Elizabeth Beall, Resident Relations and Marketing Manager for Athens Ridge said, “They must be present at the drawing to win.”

However, the names in these drawings will be taken from those present at each of the renewal events.

Should someone be unable to attend Friday’s drawing, Beall said that they are more than welcome to come to any of the other events. If you are present and have either renewed your lease or signed a new one, you are eligible to win.

When students arrive to the dinners, they will sign in and be given a drawing ticket. Names will be entered from the sign-in list, so students are reminded to make sure they sign in when they arrive at the event.

The events are also a chance for students to hang out and have dinner together, free of cost. Following the previous free rent drawings, winners felt an outpouring of love and support (and maybe a little envy!) from the Athens Ridge community.

While a chance to win your rent for free is definitely something to be excited about, new residents can also use these dinners as an opportunity to meet their future neighbors or potential roommates.

The dates for the other three free rent events will be announced by Athens Ridge at a later date. Come out on Friday, and don’t miss your chance to win.

Seven professors you will meet in college



Professors are their own breed. Their personalities are vastly different, but their profession makes it easy to lump them all into one category.

It’s easy to be confused about why your Literature professor grades one way when your Statistics professor does something completely different. So, here are seven types of professors you will meet during your undergrad career.

Number One: The Chameleon

This is the one who could be a student but is a professor. You know the ones. They are young, and they have fun personalities. They come into class the first day, and you’re wondering where the professor is.

You may even run into them downtown occasionally. Don’t get too comfortable. Young professors typically grade a little harder than their more experienced counterparts. Before you know it, that youth could be a disadvantage to you and your classmates.

Number Two: The Seasoned Veteran

Now this is the professor who taught you, your four older siblings, your parents, and maybe even your Uncle Tom who just celebrated turning 60. This professor seems to be constantly forgetting things, and you find yourself wanting to keep them company.


They are up there in the years, and you wonder if they even have grandchildren to spend time with them. They come into class, and you wonder which version of this professor you will get: the kind old grandpa or the professor who always compares you to students of years past.

Number Three: The Absolute Authority

This professor is always right. End of story. No matter what you say about why that essay was late or why you think the text means something a little different, this professor’s not buying it.

In his class, you want to make sure you tread lightly, maybe get a seat in the back. Keep your head down, and keep those assignments coming.

Number Four: The Best Friend

This is the one who tries way to hard to relate. His lectures are genuinely fun, but his grading practices need some work. Prepare to get test scores and assignments back late. You may not even know how you’re doing in his class until midterms or later.

The best thing you can do here is stay on top of yourself. You can’t rely on this professor to grade on time or give feedback about your grades, but you can make sure to turn everything in and study hard.

Number Five: The Best of Both Worlds

This professor is a blend of numbers three and four. Their classes are usually pretty interesting, and they have a great personality. You usually have fun when you go to their class, but they also have a lot of self-discipline, and you usually have a good idea of how you’re doing in the class.

These are some of the best professors you will have. So, when you don’t turn in an assignment you find yourself feeling like you failed them in some way.

Number Six: The Jokester

This professor can go one of two ways. On the one hand, they could actually be pretty funny. On the other hand, their jokes could be awful to say the least.

In this class, try not to let the bad jokes distract you. Laugh at the good ones, and if no one else is laughing, give that poor professor a break.

Number Seven: The Socially Awkward One

This is the professor who, bless their heart, you cringe when they start the lecture. They are shy, and it shows. They may even try to joke through the lecture, but no one laughs.

You probably feel sorry for them. Their awkwardness is a distraction, and it’s hard for you not to join in and make fun of them. Try to restrain yourself. This professor is just looking to get the job done. He probably has a real passion for teaching, and he will turn your grades over as quickly as he can.

Last drawing to win FREE rent slated for Friday



On Friday, Athens Ridge residents will have their final chance at winning free rent for one year. The dinner will be from 5 p.m.-8 p.m., and the drawing will close out the evening.

Athens Ridge has ordered pizza for the event, and Athens Ridge staff is excited to see who will be the last winner of free rent for next year.

“We had some come in right after the New Year,” Elizabeth Beall, Resident Relations and Marketing Manager for Athens Ridge said of the influx of residents renewing their leases.

“Even some of the residents from the beginning are looking forward to this last chance to win,” she said.

Beall also said that Athens Ridge will also be giving away other surprises to residents at the dinner, adding that they wanted to give residents a fun back to school event.

The dinner comes after an event at Cloud Bar on Thursday, and the back-to-back events will be a good way to end the week on a high note.

Consolation Prizes

In addition to the drawing for free rent, Athens Ridge will be giving away three other prizes. These will be cash prizes. First place will be $500, second place will be $250, and third place will be $100.

Don’t miss your chance to win any of these awesome prizes! We want to show our residents how much they are appreciated.

Previous winners

The first three winners of free rent are William Drennon, Kelsy Gibson, and Damion Stinson. All of the winners said that the contest made the prospect of renewing their leases more exciting, even if they’d already planned on renewing their leases.

There is no sure way to know you will win, but it is exciting to have that chance. Don’t forget to renew and come to the office for pizza and your chance to be a winner.

Contest Rules

  • Renew your lease by January 15, and you will be entered into the last drawing, with one chance to win free rent for one year.

When you can win

  • Athens Ridge will host four Resident Appreciation Renewal Parties where the drawings will be held. The first event was on November 13th. The second event took place on Cyber Monday, and the third was held on December 15th. Friday will be the last renewal event.

Residents must be present to win. Renew today, and have your chance to join the other winners of FREE rent.

Beat the Back-to-School blues with these tips



Heading back to classes after the holidays can be a bit of a drag. As you start the spring semester, it’s important to try and avoid the Back-to-School Blues.

Start your semester strong. Summer is just a couple of months away, and you’re in the home stretch of the academic year.

It’s natural to feel a little down after the holiday break, so we’ve put together this list of strategies to have an awesome semester.

Holiday fatigue

Everyone understands the struggle of returning to school. The holiday break is this awesome reprieve from essays, tests, and teachers who tell bad jokes. So, it’s natural to feel more than a little tired when school starts back up.

But now it’s time to get back to reality and start cranking out those essays again. Beat holiday fatigue by first making sure you’re getting enough rest. Readjust your sleep schedule, and in your waking hours, try to have something to look forward to every day. This will help relieve some of the monotony.

Get prepared

Being unprepared for classes will only make you feel more down about being back to school. Make sure you check out your schedule as soon as you can and hit the bookstore for any missing textbooks.

Get all of the school supplies you may need, and make sure you have all of your alarms set for those 8 a.m. classes.

Check your space

This one is pretty important. Make sure your living and study space are ready for you when you come back to school. You want to make sure that you’re comfortable and able to focus for the new semester.

Checking your space will help keep you from getting distracted and will keep you upbeat. Remember, you want maximum comfort and functionality here.

Get active

Start an activity or get back on the greenway. Hit the gym or grab a few laps in the pool. Staying active will help you feel happier and more awake. Get your friends to get active with you, and it won’t seem like as much of a chore.

This is also a good way to meet new people, and that will help put some excitement into the new semester.

Meet up with friends

This one is key. When you’re running all over campus and stressing about essays and quizzes, don’t forget to meet up with friends. Take some time to enjoy their company, and you’ll feel more refreshed.

Start your semester strong. Make sure you’re prepared for classes, but don’t forget about your social life. Eliminate any unnecessary stress, and you can beat the Back-to-School Blues.