Athens Ridge brings the spooks, residents bring the party for Halloween

Winners of the costume contest are shown.

Last Friday, Athens Ridge partnered with resident Austin Mueller to throw a joint Halloween bash. Mueller provided the DJ and initial planning, and Athens Ridge helped out with security, decorations, and food.

“ I personally enjoyed the party with my friends, and we had a lot of fun!” resident Damion Stinson said.

The event started as a giant house party that Mueller was planning with ten neighbors involved. As the planning got more definite, Mueller went to the office to ask Athens Ridge management for permission to host the party, and they decided to have a joint party instead.

“I think it all came of my relationship with Kelly [Mahoney] and Brian [Gianone]. They were nice enough to help with the location.” Mueller said, adding he felt like the turnout was great and that overall many came out to celebrate.

“Float-A-Palooza was bigger than the Halloween party, but otherwise I had a really great time,” Stinson said, “The best part was being around my friends and having alcoholic beverages, and the food was great.”

“The D.J. was struggling in the beginning, but I think he eventually got it together. I’m glad my friends were there to have fun with,” Stinson added.

Mueller said his thoughts when planning the party were “might as well do it big.”

Halloween Party 201520151023_223041

“I underestimated Athens,” Mueller said of the party, “Overall everybody had a blast.” Mueller also added that he knew of several people coming to the party that were from out of state, and one person in particular drove all the way from Oklahoma to attend. This excitement for the party, he said, made the experience great.

IMG_0115 IMG_0117

Costumes were another huge part of the evening, with an estimated 98 percent of partiers showing up in costume.

“At first I wasn’t going to go because I didn’t have a costume to wear. But at the last minute I threw a cowboy costume together, and I was ready for the party,” Stinson said.

IMG_0119 IMG_0150

Stinson said that the party did allow for the chance for him to meet his neighbors.

“They were really fun … It was great meeting new people!” he said.

IMG_0158 IMG_0160

Mueller said that being able to do a big party like the Halloween party with Athens Ridge was a great experience. He said that Athens Ridge helped residents bring the party, and, “That’s extraordinary.”

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