Thanksgiving Potluck wraps up canned food drive



The spirit of giving is taking hold with the holidays just around the corner. Athens Ridge just hosted its annual Thanksgiving Potluck and the Athens Ridge Cares Canned Food Drive which ended on November 19 at the dinner.

“I think it being close to Thanksgiving, it’s in everyone’s minds a little more,” Elizabeth Beall Resident Relations and Marketing Manager for Athens Ridge said.

The food drive was promoted to Athens Ridge residents as both a way to give back and also a competition between the streets.

The street that raised the most food was Redwood Lane, and their prize will be a pizza party after the Thanksgiving holiday.

The food will be going to local churches that will make sure through food bank programs that the food goes to help local Oconee and Athens families.

The dinner portion of the event was very low key. Athens Ridge provided turkey and ham, and residents brought sides to share.

“We had several houses. It was good,” Beall said, “Several people brought sides, and there was everything from homemade dishes to popcorn.”

The event was very casual, and was more of a chance for residents and Athens Ridge staff to hang out than a formal event.

Athens Ridge prides itself on being a community rather than just a place where students live for three or four years like a dorm or traditional apartment.

Events like this casual Thanksgiving potluck help students to feel like they are part of this community, and it gives students the chance to bond with the staff.

Residents had the chance to celebrate Thanksgiving with their Athens Ridge family before going home for the holiday, and that’s something that Athens Ridge values.

Thanksgiving Potluck slotted for Thursday



As the canned food drive rolls into its final days, the annual Thanksgiving Potluck keeps getting closer and closer.

This year’s dinner will be at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, and Athens Ridge is providing turkey and ham. Residents are asked to bring a side dish. The festivities will take place at the clubhouse.

“Teresa [Suarez, Athens Ridge Property Manager] said last year was a lot of fun,” Elizabeth Beall, Resident Relations and Marketing Manager for Athens Ridge said.

The dinner is a way for Athens Ridge residents and management to come together and celebrate the holiday before residents leave for home.

The dinner is also the deadline for the canned food drive. By having the deadline on the same day as the dinner, Athens Ridge hopes that it will be more convenient for students to donate their canned items.

This year, the food drive is a competition between the streets at Athens Ridge. The street that raises the most food will be awarded a prize, and the competition will be measured by percentage of food raised per street.

This means that although Redwood Lane has the most houses, they may not necessarily win the competition. The amount of food will be measured against how many houses are on the street that raises the food. Then, a percentage will be taken, and that number will determine the winner.

“Basically, we just wanted it to be fair,” Beall said, adding that currently Redwood Lane is in the lead with Black Oak in second place.

The prize will be a free pizza delivered to each house on the winning street.

So, come on out to the Thanksgiving Potluck. Give thanks, and break bread with your neighbors. And if you haven’t already, bring some canned food for those less fortunate than you.

There is still time to help your street win the competition, and there is always time to help someone in need.

First winner of FREE RENT for one year to be announced Friday

In a gesture to reward the loyalty of Athens Ridge residents, Athens Ridge will award three residents who renew their leases with free rent for one year.

On Friday, Nov. 13, Athens Ridge is hosting a renewal dinner, and a drawing will be held at the conclusion of the event to determine the first winner.


The remaining names in the drawing will also be mixed in with other names at the next renewal dinner that is set for Dec. 15. So the earlier you renew, the more opportunity to win! Cali N Tito’s will be catering Friday’s dinner.

Athens Ridge will have staff available so that residents can renew at the event and participate in the drawing. At the end of the dinner, the first winner of free rent will be announced.

How it works

  • Athens Ridge will host three Resident Appreciation Renewal Parties where the drawings for one year of free rent will occur, on November 13th, December 15th and January 15th.
  • We will have food and music at the parties. Residents must be present to win, unless a prior arrangement is made through the Management Office.

“Anyone that has renewed or is renewing at the dinner is invited,” Elizabeth Beall, Resident Relations and Marketing Manager for Athens Ridge said.

How to qualify for FREE RENT

  • Renew your lease by November 13, and you will be entered into all three drawings, giving you three chances to win.
  • Renew your lease between November 16-December 15, and you will be entered into the two remaining drawings, giving you two chances to win.
  • Renew your lease between December 16-January 15, and you will be entered into the last drawing, with one chance to win.

So, come out and eat with Athens Ridge on Friday, and maybe you will be the first winner of FREE rent for a year.

Athens Ridge Cares kicks off canned food drive

Bins are now in place for donations for the food drive.
Bins are now in place for donations for the food drive.

Last year Athens Ridge Cares (ARC) hosted a canned food drive, and the turnout was great. Athens Ridge employees took the donations to local churches to help disadvantaged Athens families.

So, with Thanksgiving just around the corner, they’ve decided to do it again.

“We talk to local churches,” Elizabeth Beall, Resident Relations and Marketing Manager for Athens Ridge said, adding that the churches Athens Ridge gives to have food bank programs.

“We just really wanted to make sure the food gets to local families,” Beall said, adding that ARC tries to focus more on local charities. ARC is a student-directed philanthropic group that provides an opportunity for students to give back to the community within their financial means.

ARC is made to challenge students in some way so that the philanthropy projects become fun and engaging. So for this year’s food drive, each street will be competing. The street that raises the most food will be given a prize, to be determined at a later date.

“It kind of makes it more fun for the residents,” Beall said.

The canned food drive will run through Nov. 19, the same day as the annual Thanksgiving Potluck so that residents can donate as they can come out to the dinner.

By having the deadline on the same day as the dinner, Athens Ridge hopes that it will be more convenient for students to donate their canned items.

ARC aims to make the drive fun and fruitful to those families who may be struggling this holiday season.

Athens Ridge get’s corny with Poppin’ Thursdays


Question: What do a popcorn machine, flavor shakers, and Thursdays have in common?

Answer: Our residents. Athens Ridge is inviting residents to stop by the office and grab some free popcorn.

“It’s kind of just something fun to do,” Elizabeth Beall, Resident Relations and Marketing Manager for Athens Ridge said. Beall went on to say that Athens Ridge wanted to find a way to get more residents in the office.

20151104_094320 2015110495094423

“We want residents to feel comfortable hanging out,” Beall said. Athens Ridge is a community, and when residents and management interact, that sense of togetherness is reinforced. Beall also said that Athens Ridge is hoping to use the new popcorn machine for events such as a movie night.

“The first time we really did it, it was Resident Appreciation Week,” Beall said. Residents seemed to like the addition to the office, so management decided to try and make popcorn in the office a more regular item.

“Even as people are just studying, they can ask for some popcorn,” Beall said, “It only takes five minutes to make.” Beall added that residents are more than welcome to have popcorn by request. Maybe they are coming to play pool or are hanging out or just need a snack.

“Honestly, it’s just for fun,” she said, adding that the office even has a flavor station with popcorn shakers available.

By doing little things like Poppin’ Thursdays, Athens Ridge is fostering their unique sense of community and sending residents one message.

We care about our residents.