Athens Ridge get’s corny with Poppin’ Thursdays


Question: What do a popcorn machine, flavor shakers, and Thursdays have in common?

Answer: Our residents. Athens Ridge is inviting residents to stop by the office and grab some free popcorn.

“It’s kind of just something fun to do,” Elizabeth Beall, Resident Relations and Marketing Manager for Athens Ridge said. Beall went on to say that Athens Ridge wanted to find a way to get more residents in the office.

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“We want residents to feel comfortable hanging out,” Beall said. Athens Ridge is a community, and when residents and management interact, that sense of togetherness is reinforced. Beall also said that Athens Ridge is hoping to use the new popcorn machine for events such as a movie night.

“The first time we really did it, it was Resident Appreciation Week,” Beall said. Residents seemed to like the addition to the office, so management decided to try and make popcorn in the office a more regular item.

“Even as people are just studying, they can ask for some popcorn,” Beall said, “It only takes five minutes to make.” Beall added that residents are more than welcome to have popcorn by request. Maybe they are coming to play pool or are hanging out or just need a snack.

“Honestly, it’s just for fun,” she said, adding that the office even has a flavor station with popcorn shakers available.

By doing little things like Poppin’ Thursdays, Athens Ridge is fostering their unique sense of community and sending residents one message.

We care about our residents.

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