Thanksgiving Potluck wraps up canned food drive



The spirit of giving is taking hold with the holidays just around the corner. Athens Ridge just hosted its annual Thanksgiving Potluck and the Athens Ridge Cares Canned Food Drive which ended on November 19 at the dinner.

“I think it being close to Thanksgiving, it’s in everyone’s minds a little more,” Elizabeth Beall Resident Relations and Marketing Manager for Athens Ridge said.

The food drive was promoted to Athens Ridge residents as both a way to give back and also a competition between the streets.

The street that raised the most food was Redwood Lane, and their prize will be a pizza party after the Thanksgiving holiday.

The food will be going to local churches that will make sure through food bank programs that the food goes to help local Oconee and Athens families.

The dinner portion of the event was very low key. Athens Ridge provided turkey and ham, and residents brought sides to share.

“We had several houses. It was good,” Beall said, “Several people brought sides, and there was everything from homemade dishes to popcorn.”

The event was very casual, and was more of a chance for residents and Athens Ridge staff to hang out than a formal event.

Athens Ridge prides itself on being a community rather than just a place where students live for three or four years like a dorm or traditional apartment.

Events like this casual Thanksgiving potluck help students to feel like they are part of this community, and it gives students the chance to bond with the staff.

Residents had the chance to celebrate Thanksgiving with their Athens Ridge family before going home for the holiday, and that’s something that Athens Ridge values.

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