Take some time to recover from the holidays


After the holidays it can be hard to get back into your normal routine. The break is a nice reprieve from school and work, but sometimes you can get lost in the fantasy of never going back.

The blend of good food, great family, and holiday cheer propels you into a fantasy world where you think you can stay home forever.

Unfortunately you can’t. So, we’ve put together some tips to help you transition back into your normal routine.

Take it slow

Relax. Enjoy the break. Binge watch Netflix. It’s important to make the most of your break, especially with turkey and ham still in your stomach.

Then, after you’ve had a full break, start transitioning back to your normal routine.

Make a list

There are a million things to do before the spring semester starts. From getting your books to packing back up, the tasks that need completing are almost never-ending.

The best way to deal with this is to make a list of what needs doing before returning to school. By breaking down your to do’s into smaller, easier to manage tasks, you will avoid back to school stress and get more done.


Some tasks on your list will take precedence over others. Getting your books, for example, is probably more important than returning an unwanted gift. So as you pull yourself out of the throes of a turkey-coma, remember to assess which tasks need to be completed first.

By prioritizing, you can reduce back to school stress and have a much more enjoyable transition away from the holidays.

Take a breath

You have a lot to do, but you can’t work away the end of your break. Stop and take a breath. Small breaks will keep you from getting burned out, and you will be more productive overall.

Just do it

It can be hard to rip yourself away from all of the holiday cheer and joy to go back to classes. The easiest way to make the transition is to just do it. Don’t procrastinate. Make the transition back to your studies and set your eyes on summer vacation. It’s only a few months away.

Home for the holidays: Survival skills for dealing with your family


The holidays are a great break from school, and an awesome excuse to go home to spend time with family.

However, for some people, that blissful family times is eventually replaced with arguing and annoyance. Sometimes, it seems, absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

In light of that, we’ve put together this list of tips for surviving the holidays.

Put on your smile

No, seriously. If you have a relative that grates on your nerves every year, just keep smiling. Some people call it killing them with kindness, but know that your determined smile will be enough to irk an unpleasant relative without the messiness of verbal confrontation.

Not only that, smiling actually makes people feel happier, so you may find it’s not long until a genuine smile is spreading across your face.

Don’t engage

We all have that relative that asks about grades and significant others in veiled tones. These are the uncles you dread seeing, but they can be stopped.

When you are on the receiving end of a trap question, just smile and turn to someone else to change the conversation. Do not engage with these relatives. It’s not worth it.

Eat the fruitcake

For you, this may not actually be fruitcake. It could be some sort of vegetable casserole your mom spent hours making. She insists you like it, and you insist you don’t.

Sometimes, it’s better to just eat it and avoid the fight.

But don’t compromise yourself either

During the holidays we walk a fine line between avoiding conflict and becoming a doormat. It is so easy to revert to your child self and stammer through questions related to school or your part time job.

We would encourage you not to do that, at least not completely. While it is good to avoid fighting and go with the flow, sometimes you have to stand up for yourself.

Whether you’re facing your problem relative for the tenth time at dinner or a bossy older sibling gone too far, decide what your limit is and don’t let anyone overstep their bounds.

Ignore negativity

It’s an unfortunate truth that some people are bitter around the holidays. These are the relatives that don’t have an ounce of cheer and want to bring down the party.

The easiest way to avoid negativity during the holidays, is to avoid these people. You don’t have to be rude. You can just politely distance yourself from that person.

Get some rest and have fun

Finally, sleep off that big meal and have some fun. The holidays don’t have to feel like a chore. Every day of break, get up expecting to make your own holiday cheer.

Be prepared to force yourself into having a good time if circumstances are not ideal. Ignore those rude relatives and focus on the spirit of the season.

Third resident wins free rent for one year


A third person has won free rent for one year at Athens Ridge. The third of four renewal dinners was held at 5 p.m. on December 15th.

Saucehouse BBQ catered the event which was also themed for the holidays.

The newest winner of the free rent is Damion Stinson. Stinson had just finished a final exam when he saw Athens Ridge staff outside his home. He said he was focused on getting some sleep until he saw them and knew he’d won the free rent.

“I’ve won the check!” he said of his thoughts at the time. Stinson didn’t get to go to the dinner because of his final, but he was one of the first people to renew his lease with Athens Ridge.

“I knew I wanted to live here for one more year,” he said, “When I heard about the promotion, I knew I needed to renew fast.” Athens Ridge staff said that Stinson was the third person in Athens Ridge to renew, a reminder that those who haven’t won previous drawings still have a shot.

Stinson went on to say that his roommates and friends were very happy for him, and Athens Ridge staff also showed him some love when he won.

“It’s just been a lot of love and support around here. That’s why I love Athens Ridge,” Stinson said.

Stinson decided to surprise his mom with the news on Facebook. He posted a status and tagged her in it. After they spoke he said that she “was really moved” by his win.

“It was a great present at the end of Finals Week,” Stinson said.

Contest Rules 

  • Renew your lease between December 16-January 15, and you will be entered into the last drawing, with one chance to win. 

When you can win 

  • Athens Ridge will host four Resident Appreciation Renewal Parties where the drawings will be held. Athens Ridge held renewal events in November and December, and the last chance to win free rent will be January 15th.

Residents must be present to win, unless a prior arrangement is made through the Management Office.

There is still time to win! The next and last renewal dinner will be on January 15th and will have additional prizes. Athens Ridge will also be serving food, and one more person will be winning FREE rent for one year.

Software will give residents better roommate matching experience

Best friends taking selfies

Many college students have experienced a roommate match gone wrong. Sometimes it doesn’t start badly. You show up to your dorm or new apartment for the first time, and you meet someone you think is relatively nice.

Then, a couple of weeks have passed and you find yourself convinced you are living with a demon. One minute you are saying hello for the first time, and the next you are finding dirty dishes under your couch!

This is in part due to a tendency for apartment communities to stick your roommate matching questionnaires in a drawer or cabinet for months until it is time to do a match.

When the deadline for filling apartments looms over a staff member, they start throwing students together based on superficial interpretations of the roommate matching forms.

This is how you get a nightmare roommate.

At Athens Ridge, we don’t do that. Instead, you will be asked to go through an online process to find your best possible roommate.

How it works

At Athens Ridge, we use sophisticated software to find your roommate. After you’ve signed your lease and are approved, you will receive an online prompt to create a profile. This is kind of like a low-key social network where you will answer some basic questions, like how often you clean, and write a paragraph about yourself.

The information in that paragraph can reflect your interests or dislikes, and really anything is ok in that field as long as you conduct yourself in an appropriate manner.

After you’ve finished filling out information about yourself, there will be a tab for you to click to answer questions about your ideal roommate.

Once this is done, an algorithm will process your data with date from everyone else who has completed their online profile. Then, you will see a link called “My matches” at the top of your screen. These matches are calculated by percentage of compatibility.

You can review your matches, and the system will allow you to send emails and invitations to meet with your prospective roommates.

Getting to know them

Once you’ve met your matches, you want to spend some time getting to know them. Find out their interests, and have them talk more about their ideal roommate.

It’s normal to feel a bit isolated in college, and by taking the time to get to know your matches, you will undoubtedly meet a new friend even if you decide not to live together.

Get all of your information straight

 It is important to note that when you are filling out your online profile, make sure to fill in the custom fields, such as the “About Me” box. It can be a little time-consuming to write a paragraph about yourself, but these custom fields allow us to pull information beyond whether or not you smoke to find your roommate.

The custom fields are a huge advantage to our software because they help generate more matches and make the software feel more like a low key Facebook. Basically, this gives students a way to pick their own roommates after the software generates a set of possible matches.

Athens Ridge is more than a student housing community. We want our residents to walk away from her with more than three or four years of townhouse living. We want you to make friends.

If you haven’t found your roommates yet, take advantage of our software. You may just walk away with your new best friend.

Resident wins FREE rent in Cyber Monday promotion

Kelsy Gibson won her free rent in Athens Ridge’s special Cyber Monday promotion.

Another Athens Ridge won FREE rent for one year in a special Cyber Monday promotion on November 30th.

Kelsy Gibson is the second resident in Athens Ridge to win her rent for next year in a drawing.

All students who renewed their leases during the promotion received $50 Amazon gift cards, making for a busy Monday in the office. Athens Ridge provided snacks for the day, and the next renewal event will be a dinner on December 15th.

“We had quite a few people that day just for the Amazon gift card,” Elizabeth Beall, Resident Relations and Marketing Manager for Athens Ridge said.

“When something happens, people want to jump on it,” she continued. Asked where the idea for the promotion came from, Beall cited the popularity of Cyber Monday and the excitement of Athens Ridge owners.

“It was definitely the owners,” she said, “With the popularity of Cyber Monday, they wanted to do something fun.”

“Having the drawings definitely encouraged me to resign my lease for my senior year earlier rather than later. And now that I have actually won, I think it is very worthwhile living here, because the homes are great and the amenities are amazing, so not having to pay anymore is just an added bonus,” Gibson said.

Gibson went on to say that the free rent drawings made her more excited to renew her lease early.


“I probably would’ve waited until the end of the semester to renew if it weren’t for the contests! Even though only four people can win the free rent, it still feels good to at least have that possibility so I definitely think people are motivated by it!” she said.

Gibson went on to talk about how the townhouses are her favorite things about Athens Ridge. She noted that the size of the homes allow her to feel like she has her own space, and she calls her townhouse her home.

“People love coming over to visit, and I love inviting people over. AR townhomes don’t feel like apartments or rentals at all,” she said.

Contest Rules 

  • Renew your lease between November 16-December 15, and you will be entered into the two remaining drawings for free rent, giving you two chances to win.
  • Renew your lease between December 16-January 15, and you will be entered into the last drawing, with one chance to win.

When you can win

  • Athens Ridge will host three Resident Appreciation Renewal Parties where the drawings will be held. The first event was on November 13th. The next events will be December 15th and January 15th.

We will have food and music at the parties. Residents must be present to win, unless a prior arrangement is made through the Management Office.

There is still time to win! The next renewal dinner will be at 5 p.m. on December 15. Athens Ridge will be serving food, and one more person will be winning FREE rent for one year.

It’s true that there is no sure way to know you’ll be the winner, but Gibson also wasn’t sure she would win.

“I think not having expectations made it even more exciting to win because I really didn’t see it coming,” she said of the competition. So, renew your lease for a chance to join Gibson and William Drennon as the winners of FREE rent.

Surviving Finals: Snacking, sleeping, and avoiding Netflix



The bane of college life has finally arrived. Finals Week.

This is the week when students start to question if they even learned anything all semester. Frantic studying begins and quickly devolves into Netflix binging sessions. Then test day arrives, and you start to panic as you kick your brain into overdrive. This is ultimately followed by feeling like you have been drained of all your knowledge and energy.

It sounds horrible doesn’t it? We’ll, there is a better way. Here are some tips on how to survive Finals Week.


Have you ever tried studying on an empty stomach? It’s almost impossible. One minute you are dutifully looking over your notes and enjoying a cup of your favorite coffee, feeling very responsible and studious.

The next minute you are emulating the people in those Snickers commercials. The hunger beast is loose, and you start to think about anything and everything you can put in your stomach. McDonald’s? Sounds great. What about Taco Bell? Awesome. Studying can wait for twenty minutes. And two hours later you’re in front of the TV binge watching Netflix, taco wrappers on the couch beside you.

So, take our advice. Take some time to snack. Athens Ridge will be providing snacks, coffee, and hot chocolate beginning the week of December 7th. Come to the office and get some snacks before you pick up the remote.

Find the right place

Some people just can’t concentrate in the library. Especially when it morphs into the homeland of all the students on campus. So, if you are one of those people that can’t study in certain places, that’s ok. You just have to find your place.

Your room is always an option. Studying at your desk may help you feel more focused. But then you have your roommates and the TV to contend with.

If you know you can’t be trusted, you’re more than welcome to come to the clubhouse and use the study lounge. Wherever your prime studying place may be, find it and use it for the sake of your sanity.

For the love of sanity, take a break!

It’s a fun notion to think you will devote every waking moment to your exams. A lot of people fool themselves into thinking it’s possible. But it isn’t.

If you don’t take a break, your risk of burning out increases. So, take a minute. Get up and move. You could even check your Snap Chat. And after about ten minutes you will hit the books again, feeling refreshed.

Limit distractions

Ok, when your break is over, make sure it’s really over. You should try to limit distractions. One episode of your show is probably Ok. Ten episodes are definitely not OK.

So, close those rogue browsers on your screen and set your phone aside. Your final grade will thank you for it.

Get everything you need

Make sure you have all of your supplies. Blue books, Scantrons, pencils, and pens should all be backed in your back pack for the big day.

You don’t want to be walking to the test and realize you’ve forgotten something.

However, if you do forget something, Athens Ridge will be giving out test supplies during finals. Stop by and get what you need for your test.

Get some sleep

Now, I know what you are thinking, and an all-nighter is NOT a good idea. All the Red Bull in Athens won’t help you if you aren’t getting enough sleep.

Sleep will leave you feeling refreshed and keep your mind sharp. If you find yourself lying on your books, you might as well go to bed. At that point your brain is done taking in information. You can always do a five minute review before you leave for the test.

So, take care of yourself through testing. The holidays are just around the corner, and the semester is almost over.

Stay strong. You’ve got this.

First resident of Athens Ridge wins FREE rent for one year


20151113_201647On November 13th, Athens Ridge held the first of three renewal dinners.

“We had a pretty good turn out,” Elizabeth Beall, Resident Relations and Marketing Manager for Athens Ridge said. Cali N Tito’s catered the event, and at 8 p.m., the first drawing for free rent next year was held.

At the drawing, Kelly Mahoney, co-owner of Athens Ridge, mixed up the names of residents who renewed their leases and reached deep into the cup of names to pick the winner.

“We had a few renew at the dinner,” Beall said of the residents, “but a lot came in earlier on Friday.”

The winner of the drawing was William Drennon, and according to Beall, “He was the last one to sign a lease.”

Contest Rules

  • Renew your lease by November 13, and you will be entered into all three drawings, giving you three chances to win.
  • Renew your lease between November 16-December 15, and you will be entered into the two remaining drawings, giving you two chances to win.
  • Renew your lease between December 16-January 15, and you will be entered into the last drawing, with one chance to win.

When you can win

  • Athens Ridge will host three Resident Appreciation Renewal Parties where the drawings will be held. The first event was on November 13th. Athens Ridge also held a Cyber Monday drawing on November 30th. The next events will be December 15th and January 15th.

We will have food and music at the parties. Residents must be present to win, unless a prior arrangement is made through the Management Office.

 Holiday Cash

We appreciate that you have earned our loyalty in return for yours. All residents who renew their lease by December 15th will receive one half of their security deposit back by December 18th, just in time for the Holidays!

Don’t miss your chance to have your loyalty to Athens Ridge rewarded. Renew your lease and have a chance to be one of the three lucky residents who will live in Athens Ridge rent-free next year.