Surviving Finals: Snacking, sleeping, and avoiding Netflix



The bane of college life has finally arrived. Finals Week.

This is the week when students start to question if they even learned anything all semester. Frantic studying begins and quickly devolves into Netflix binging sessions. Then test day arrives, and you start to panic as you kick your brain into overdrive. This is ultimately followed by feeling like you have been drained of all your knowledge and energy.

It sounds horrible doesn’t it? We’ll, there is a better way. Here are some tips on how to survive Finals Week.


Have you ever tried studying on an empty stomach? It’s almost impossible. One minute you are dutifully looking over your notes and enjoying a cup of your favorite coffee, feeling very responsible and studious.

The next minute you are emulating the people in those Snickers commercials. The hunger beast is loose, and you start to think about anything and everything you can put in your stomach. McDonald’s? Sounds great. What about Taco Bell? Awesome. Studying can wait for twenty minutes. And two hours later you’re in front of the TV binge watching Netflix, taco wrappers on the couch beside you.

So, take our advice. Take some time to snack. Athens Ridge will be providing snacks, coffee, and hot chocolate beginning the week of December 7th. Come to the office and get some snacks before you pick up the remote.

Find the right place

Some people just can’t concentrate in the library. Especially when it morphs into the homeland of all the students on campus. So, if you are one of those people that can’t study in certain places, that’s ok. You just have to find your place.

Your room is always an option. Studying at your desk may help you feel more focused. But then you have your roommates and the TV to contend with.

If you know you can’t be trusted, you’re more than welcome to come to the clubhouse and use the study lounge. Wherever your prime studying place may be, find it and use it for the sake of your sanity.

For the love of sanity, take a break!

It’s a fun notion to think you will devote every waking moment to your exams. A lot of people fool themselves into thinking it’s possible. But it isn’t.

If you don’t take a break, your risk of burning out increases. So, take a minute. Get up and move. You could even check your Snap Chat. And after about ten minutes you will hit the books again, feeling refreshed.

Limit distractions

Ok, when your break is over, make sure it’s really over. You should try to limit distractions. One episode of your show is probably Ok. Ten episodes are definitely not OK.

So, close those rogue browsers on your screen and set your phone aside. Your final grade will thank you for it.

Get everything you need

Make sure you have all of your supplies. Blue books, Scantrons, pencils, and pens should all be backed in your back pack for the big day.

You don’t want to be walking to the test and realize you’ve forgotten something.

However, if you do forget something, Athens Ridge will be giving out test supplies during finals. Stop by and get what you need for your test.

Get some sleep

Now, I know what you are thinking, and an all-nighter is NOT a good idea. All the Red Bull in Athens won’t help you if you aren’t getting enough sleep.

Sleep will leave you feeling refreshed and keep your mind sharp. If you find yourself lying on your books, you might as well go to bed. At that point your brain is done taking in information. You can always do a five minute review before you leave for the test.

So, take care of yourself through testing. The holidays are just around the corner, and the semester is almost over.

Stay strong. You’ve got this.

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