Software will give residents better roommate matching experience

Best friends taking selfies

Many college students have experienced a roommate match gone wrong. Sometimes it doesn’t start badly. You show up to your dorm or new apartment for the first time, and you meet someone you think is relatively nice.

Then, a couple of weeks have passed and you find yourself convinced you are living with a demon. One minute you are saying hello for the first time, and the next you are finding dirty dishes under your couch!

This is in part due to a tendency for apartment communities to stick your roommate matching questionnaires in a drawer or cabinet for months until it is time to do a match.

When the deadline for filling apartments looms over a staff member, they start throwing students together based on superficial interpretations of the roommate matching forms.

This is how you get a nightmare roommate.

At Athens Ridge, we don’t do that. Instead, you will be asked to go through an online process to find your best possible roommate.

How it works

At Athens Ridge, we use sophisticated software to find your roommate. After you’ve signed your lease and are approved, you will receive an online prompt to create a profile. This is kind of like a low-key social network where you will answer some basic questions, like how often you clean, and write a paragraph about yourself.

The information in that paragraph can reflect your interests or dislikes, and really anything is ok in that field as long as you conduct yourself in an appropriate manner.

After you’ve finished filling out information about yourself, there will be a tab for you to click to answer questions about your ideal roommate.

Once this is done, an algorithm will process your data with date from everyone else who has completed their online profile. Then, you will see a link called “My matches” at the top of your screen. These matches are calculated by percentage of compatibility.

You can review your matches, and the system will allow you to send emails and invitations to meet with your prospective roommates.

Getting to know them

Once you’ve met your matches, you want to spend some time getting to know them. Find out their interests, and have them talk more about their ideal roommate.

It’s normal to feel a bit isolated in college, and by taking the time to get to know your matches, you will undoubtedly meet a new friend even if you decide not to live together.

Get all of your information straight

 It is important to note that when you are filling out your online profile, make sure to fill in the custom fields, such as the “About Me” box. It can be a little time-consuming to write a paragraph about yourself, but these custom fields allow us to pull information beyond whether or not you smoke to find your roommate.

The custom fields are a huge advantage to our software because they help generate more matches and make the software feel more like a low key Facebook. Basically, this gives students a way to pick their own roommates after the software generates a set of possible matches.

Athens Ridge is more than a student housing community. We want our residents to walk away from her with more than three or four years of townhouse living. We want you to make friends.

If you haven’t found your roommates yet, take advantage of our software. You may just walk away with your new best friend.

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