Take some time to recover from the holidays


After the holidays it can be hard to get back into your normal routine. The break is a nice reprieve from school and work, but sometimes you can get lost in the fantasy of never going back.

The blend of good food, great family, and holiday cheer propels you into a fantasy world where you think you can stay home forever.

Unfortunately you can’t. So, we’ve put together some tips to help you transition back into your normal routine.

Take it slow

Relax. Enjoy the break. Binge watch Netflix. It’s important to make the most of your break, especially with turkey and ham still in your stomach.

Then, after you’ve had a full break, start transitioning back to your normal routine.

Make a list

There are a million things to do before the spring semester starts. From getting your books to packing back up, the tasks that need completing are almost never-ending.

The best way to deal with this is to make a list of what needs doing before returning to school. By breaking down your to do’s into smaller, easier to manage tasks, you will avoid back to school stress and get more done.


Some tasks on your list will take precedence over others. Getting your books, for example, is probably more important than returning an unwanted gift. So as you pull yourself out of the throes of a turkey-coma, remember to assess which tasks need to be completed first.

By prioritizing, you can reduce back to school stress and have a much more enjoyable transition away from the holidays.

Take a breath

You have a lot to do, but you can’t work away the end of your break. Stop and take a breath. Small breaks will keep you from getting burned out, and you will be more productive overall.

Just do it

It can be hard to rip yourself away from all of the holiday cheer and joy to go back to classes. The easiest way to make the transition is to just do it. Don’t procrastinate. Make the transition back to your studies and set your eyes on summer vacation. It’s only a few months away.

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