New roommate matching software easy to use


A lot of Student Apartment Communities advertise that they do roommate matching. Despite the exaggerated claims, for many of them, this means no more than spending a few minutes figuring out who are the smokers and who can’t stand to be around pets.

At Athens Ridge, we use sophisticated software to find your roommate. After you’ve been approved and signed your lease to reserve a bedroom, you will receive an online prompt to create a profile through our roommate matching system.

This is kind of like a low-key social network where you will answer some basic questions, like how often you clean, (or party!) and write a paragraph about yourself.

Once this is done, an algorithm will process your data along with data from everyone else who has completed their online profile. Then, you will see a link called “My matches” at the top of your screen. These matches are calculated by percentage of compatibility.

You can review your matches, and the system will allow you to send emails and invitations to meet with your prospective roommates.

Sound complicated? It really isn’t. So we’ve decided to put together a step-by-step guide for you. This way, the idea of using the software will be a little less intimidating.

Step 1: On the Athens Ridge website you will click “Apply Now.” This will take you to our online guest card where you will fill out your basic information and create your login.

Part of this basic information is which floor plan you have chosen. Make sure this information is correct as you can only be matched to people who have chosen the same floor plan.

Step 2: Remember your login! It sounds obvious, but this is something you should write down or put in your phone. You will be asked to log in after you finish the guest card, so you want that information handy.

Step 3: The next screen you see will ask you to prioritize other floor plans. This is just in case all of your first choices have been taken. The choice you selected on the first page should already have a “1” beside it.

Step 4: Fill out your profile information. You will have to answer a set of predetermined questions about yourself and your ideal roommate.

These are usually questions about cleaning and cooking habits, how quiet of a person you are, if you have a pet, and smoking and drinking habits. Beneath these items you can prioritize how important these items are to you.

For example, you can mark that it is more important to you that your roommate does not have a pet than whether or not they watch as much TV as you do.

Step 5: Fill in the custom fields. These are the “About me” and “About my roommate” sections. It can be a little time-consuming to write a paragraph about yourself and your ideal roommate, but these custom fields allow us to pull more information to find your best possible roommate.

The custom fields are a huge advantage to our software because they help generate more matches and make the software feel more like a low key Facebook. Basically, this gives students a way to pick their own roommates after the software generates a set of possible matches.

Another plus is you can choose to make these fields private so that other students searching through the system can’t see what you don’t want them to. You choose how much of your profile is public.

Step 6: Generate matches. Once you’ve entered your information, our software will begin generating matches. You will see a “My matches” tab on your screen, and when you click it you can see how many people fit your profile and what percentage of a match they are. From here you can view their profiles, send messages, and send invitations to be roommates.

Once you’ve decided to room with someone and they accept your invitation, our staff will receive an alert and make it official.

It’s fast, low key, and easy. We don’t want you to stress about finding a roommate. Let us help you make a new friend and make college that much more enjoyable.

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