Seven professors you will meet in college



Professors are their own breed. Their personalities are vastly different, but their profession makes it easy to lump them all into one category.

It’s easy to be confused about why your Literature professor grades one way when your Statistics professor does something completely different. So, here are seven types of professors you will meet during your undergrad career.

Number One: The Chameleon

This is the one who could be a student but is a professor. You know the ones. They are young, and they have fun personalities. They come into class the first day, and you’re wondering where the professor is.

You may even run into them downtown occasionally. Don’t get too comfortable. Young professors typically grade a little harder than their more experienced counterparts. Before you know it, that youth could be a disadvantage to you and your classmates.

Number Two: The Seasoned Veteran

Now this is the professor who taught you, your four older siblings, your parents, and maybe even your Uncle Tom who just celebrated turning 60. This professor seems to be constantly forgetting things, and you find yourself wanting to keep them company.


They are up there in the years, and you wonder if they even have grandchildren to spend time with them. They come into class, and you wonder which version of this professor you will get: the kind old grandpa or the professor who always compares you to students of years past.

Number Three: The Absolute Authority

This professor is always right. End of story. No matter what you say about why that essay was late or why you think the text means something a little different, this professor’s not buying it.

In his class, you want to make sure you tread lightly, maybe get a seat in the back. Keep your head down, and keep those assignments coming.

Number Four: The Best Friend

This is the one who tries way to hard to relate. His lectures are genuinely fun, but his grading practices need some work. Prepare to get test scores and assignments back late. You may not even know how you’re doing in his class until midterms or later.

The best thing you can do here is stay on top of yourself. You can’t rely on this professor to grade on time or give feedback about your grades, but you can make sure to turn everything in and study hard.

Number Five: The Best of Both Worlds

This professor is a blend of numbers three and four. Their classes are usually pretty interesting, and they have a great personality. You usually have fun when you go to their class, but they also have a lot of self-discipline, and you usually have a good idea of how you’re doing in the class.

These are some of the best professors you will have. So, when you don’t turn in an assignment you find yourself feeling like you failed them in some way.

Number Six: The Jokester

This professor can go one of two ways. On the one hand, they could actually be pretty funny. On the other hand, their jokes could be awful to say the least.

In this class, try not to let the bad jokes distract you. Laugh at the good ones, and if no one else is laughing, give that poor professor a break.

Number Seven: The Socially Awkward One

This is the professor who, bless their heart, you cringe when they start the lecture. They are shy, and it shows. They may even try to joke through the lecture, but no one laughs.

You probably feel sorry for them. Their awkwardness is a distraction, and it’s hard for you not to join in and make fun of them. Try to restrain yourself. This professor is just looking to get the job done. He probably has a real passion for teaching, and he will turn your grades over as quickly as he can.

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