Last student wins a year of FREE rent, 8 will win semester of FREE rent

Athens Ridge awarded the last of four prizes for free rent for one year on January 15th. Joining the other winners was Athens Ridge resident Kaleigh Satterfield. Students at the final renewal dinner were served pizza, and three students also took home cash prizes.

“We had a great turnout,” Elizabeth Beall, Resident Relations and Marketing Manager for Athens Ridge said.

Of her win, Satterfield said, “It’s amazing. It’s incredible. I can’t even describe the feeling. It’s like a weight being lifted. I just want to say thank you so much to Athens Ridge.”

Satterfield said that she didn’t expect to be the winner when she walked into the renewal dinner and was actually more excited about the three cash prizes.

“I wanted to renew anyway,” she said, “but this [the contest] made me do it quicker.” Satterfield said that residents and staff alike have been congratulating her on her win, and she has felt a strong outpouring of support.

“Everyone was so happy for me.” After Satterfield called to tell her mother the news, it spread like wildfire through her family.

“She was yelling on the phone, and then she and my dad told everyone else,” Satterfield said.

Satterfield also said that the love and support from residents and staff at Athens Ridge made her love living here even more.

“The whole community is like a big family. Everyone gets along and makes friends,” she said.

Next Contest

Athens Ridge is offering eight more students the chance to win FREE rent, this time $3,000 worth, roughly the cost of a semester. There will be four drawings for the new contest, and two people will be chosen at each drawing to win. The first event was January 29th at the clubhouse.

The other drawings will be announced at a later date. Students must be present to win. However, the names in these drawings will be taken from those present at each of the renewal events. Students signing new leases are also eligible to win.

When students arrive to the dinners, they will sign in and be given a drawing ticket. Names will be entered from the sign-in list, so students are reminded to make sure they sign in when they arrive at the event.

The events are also a chance for students to hang out and have dinner together, free of cost. Athens Ridge puts together many events to help students socialize with one another.

In college it can be hard to meet people sometimes, so putting together events like the free rent drawings or just events on the property can help students feel like they are not alone.

“When we have pool events,” Satterfield said, “that’s when I get to know a lot of people.”

So, come out for the next drawing and meet some new friends. Sign or renew your lease, and have your chance to win $3,000 in FREE rent.

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