Two win FREE rent for one semester

Runfan Huo (left) and Clete Miller were the first of eight to win FREE rent for one semester.

In a show of resident appreciation, Athens Ridge has awarded the first two new winners of free rent for one semester. The prize is worth $3000, roughly the cost of a semester of rent.

There will be four drawings for the new contest, and two people will be chosen at each drawing to win. The first event was January 29th at the clubhouse.

Athens Ridge served pizza and held the drawing at 8 p.m.

“It was definitely a mad rush for the pizza,” Elizabeth Beall, Resident Relations and Marketing Manager for Athens Ridge said, “I think they went through ten pizzas in a minute.”

Beall said that most of the attendees at the event were residents who renewed their leases, but there were some new residents present.

The first winner at the drawing, Runfan Huo, said that he planned on renewing his lease for 2016 anyway but that the contest made him more excited to renew.

“I was very excited at the time,” he said about winning, “When I first told my family, they were very excited. I really appreciate this from Athens Ridge.”

Huo joins the second winner, Clete Miller who is actually coming back to Athens Ridge after a year living elsewhere.

“Athens Ridge is an awesome place to live. The community provides endless accommodations for its residents,” Miller said, “I am very excited to be back.” For Miller, winning the contest is more of a homecoming story, and he said that his family didn’t believe him when he told them he won the drawing.

“When I sent them the picture, they were very happy for me,” Miller said, “I can focus on school without the burden of hoping to have enough money for rent. I feel #blessed!”

“I think more people are excited if they didn’t participate in the last contest to have another chance,” Beall said. Athens Ridge is also hoping to draw more new residents to the events to add to their sense of community.

How it works

Students must be present to win. However, the names in these drawings will be taken from those present at each of the renewal events. Students signing new leases are also eligible to win.

When students arrive to the dinners, they will sign in and be given a drawing ticket. Names will be entered from the sign-in list, so students are reminded to make sure they sign in when they arrive at the event.

The events are also a chance for students to hang out and have dinner together, free of cost. Athens Ridge puts together many events to help students socialize with one another.

The next drawing has been tentatively set for February 26, but nothing is set in stone yet. Beal advises residents to watch the Athens Ridge social media accounts to make sure they don’t miss the next event.


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