Types of Student Housing in Athens, GA

Types of Student Housing in Athens, GA

Deciding where to live when moving to a new city can be a difficult challenge. Once you sign a lease, you will likely be there for a long period of time, so it is best to weigh out all your options to make the most informed decision. Fortunately, Athens student housing options are plentiful in and around the GSU campus. This provides students with a greater choice of locations, prices, amenities, living style, and more. The closer you are able to match your housing option to your lifestyle needs and wants, the more at home you will feel and the more you will enjoy your college experience. Another thing to keep in mind is your budget. Different budgets will allow you different housing options and it is best not to stretch it thin since cutting funds out of your other living expenses could hamper your overall living experience. At Athens Ridge, we provide some of the best student housing in Athens while staying in a student-friendly budget.

Athens, GA, On-Campus Housing

The biggest appeal to on-campus housing for students is the location. On-campus housing is located within the university campus, making daily commuting a breeze. Sometimes it is as simple as a short walk or bike to your classes. This is a big benefit for those who don’t want to wake up as early to catch a class or who wish to run back to their apartment in between classes rather than waiting on campus for an hour or more. Many students also like living on-campus because it allows them to be in the center of student life and around for university-hosted events. This is very beneficial for incoming students because it allows them to get to know the campus faster, meet new people close to their age and get involved with the university. Another benefit of on-campus housing is that utilities are usually included in rent, so you don’t have to worry about additional expenses, and rent is due at the beginning of every semester in full. What students trade for living on-campus, however, is space and freedom. On-campus housing tends to be smaller than off-campus living options and when living on campus there are rules set in place by which you must adhere by. On-campus housing also tends to be more expensive and you cannot stay there during certain breaks and holidays. The University of Georgia offers its students three types of housing: residence hall rooms, suites, and apartments.

Residence Hall Rooms

Residence halls provide the traditional dorms that most people associate with college. Dorms are single rooms with two beds in them. This means that you must share the space with another person, there are no separate rooms. If you do not sign up with a roommate in mind, the university will match you up with a random roommate. Dorms do not come with kitchens, laundry rooms, or bathrooms in the unit, those are found in communal areas in the building.


On-campus suite housing is a mix between dorms and apartments. Suites contain multiple individual bedrooms, although they usually have two people living per bedroom like a dorm, but with a bathroom or bathrooms in the unit. They do not, however, have a kitchen or dining room. Those are usually communal spaces in the building, along with laundry facilities.


On-campus apartments provide individual rooms for their residents and come equipped with bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room and dining room and sometimes even laundry facilities. They differ from off-campus apartments in size and price, since they are usually smaller and more expensive.

Off-Campus Housing in Athens, GA

Off-campus student housing provides UGA students with more freedom and control over their lifestyles. It also offers more spacious layouts and privacy through individual bedrooms. Unlike university housing, leases for off-campus housing tend to last an entire year, which allows you to stay in your housing during holidays, breaks and during the summer after finals are over. Rent is also often less expensive than on-campus housing; however, utilities may be added separately. Off-campus housing also requires more responsibility on your part, and you will need to remember to pay a monthly rent rather than just a one-time payment. Student apartments Athens, GA students may choose will likely be a longer commute to campus as well, requiring a bike, motor vehicle, or bus for transportation.


Renting a house provides student with the most space and freedom of all off-campus housing options. When renting a house, you get to choose who lives with you rather than being assigned random roommates if rooms aren’t filled like apartments do. Your floor plan will also likely provide you with more living space, storage space and privacy since the walls aren’t connected to another residency. Another benefit of renting a house is that you will have a private parking space and even a yard. Unfortunately though, rent and utilities can be more expensive for houses, and if your roommates were to leave, you would be solely responsible for paying the rent. Depending on your landlord, you may also be required to perform maintenance for your house or pay for the service.

Townhouses & Condos

There are various condos and townhomes Athens students can choose from for off-campus living, and they provide a mix between a house and an apartment. Townhouses and condos tend to be more spacious and private than apartments. However, they still share adjoining walls with other residencies, so noise can be a problem, as it often leaks through the walls. Rent and utility costs may also be higher than an apartment, but often considerably less than a house. Townhouses and Condos are under homeowners associations, which means that you are provided with certain maintenance services, as well as communal amenities. The downside of this, however, is that there are more rules and restrictions in place than a house.

Student Apartments

Apartments are the most popular student choice for off-campus housing because they provide more freedom, privacy and space than on-campus housing but at a lower price than other forms of housing and without so many responsibilities. Apartments have management that provide maintenance and repairs free of charge for the units. They also have amenities, such as community pools, lounges, computer rooms, fitness centers, cable and wifi. Certain apartments, known as luxury apartments, upgrade and increase the level of amenities they offer to provide their residents with resort-style living. Apartment complexes also tend to host social events for students to meet and interact, which is a great way for new students to make friends. Apartments, however, are known for being noisier than houses because they share walls with other residents. Also, if your apartment is not filled, random students may be assigned to the empty rooms by management. Pets can sometimes be an issue with apartment complexes, but most apartments tend to allow them by charging you extra fees. Parking can also be an issue, since it is often limited, and in order to have your car parked you will likely need to purchase a parking permit.

Athens Apartments Near UGA

At Athens Ridge, we can provide you with off-campus housing that will meet all your needs and wants for a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle throughout the year. Our townhome-style apartments provide resort-style living at an affordable price. Contact us today if you’re looking to live in top rated apartments in Athens, GA.

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