Athens Relocation Guide

Moving to a new city is an exciting time that opens up a world of opportunities. Each city has its own places to go, things to do, and individual characteristics that make it unique, and Athens, GA, is no different. Athens is rich in culture, and its many residents create a diverse and exciting atmosphere. At Athens Ridge, we provide top-rated apartments in Athens for students looking to rent near the UGA campus. Our apartments provide our residents with resort-style living for relaxing and enjoyable college years.

Questions About Relocating to Athens, GA

If you’re new to Athens you might have some questions about life in the city. Below are some common questions students ask so you can move to Athens prepared and find the perfect student apartment.

What are my transportation options to campus?

For students living in Athens apartments near UGA, commuting may be as simple as a walk or bike away. For those living farther off-campus, vehicle transportation will likely be required. If you don’t own a car, Athens has a public transportation system that you can use. Just be sure to review the routes and know where the stops are.

How can I exercise in Athens?

Many students like to stay physically active to remain in good health during their college years. The city of Athens provides various parks, such as Bishop Park, where students can get some exercise. Bishop Park contains a track, a large field and swimming during the summer. You can also get a gym membership or see if your Athens student living option provides its residents with a fitness center, as many do.

Do Athens apartments allow pets?

Not every apartment complex in Athens will allow pets. If you want to bring your pet with you to college, be sure to ask if pets are allowed when looking for University of Georgia student apartments for rent. Many apartments that allow pets will charge you a one-time fee or a monthly fee so that your pet can stay with you. Also, be sure to ask if there are any restrictions on the type and size of pet allowed. At Athens Ridge, we provide pet friendly townhomes Athens students can rent near UGA. We don’t have any breed restrictions and only require a one-time $300 pet fee.

What is the atmosphere like in apartments?

Most apartments in Athens near UGA cater to students, meaning that most of the residents will be people close in age to you. This creates a very social and friendly environment where students can meet and get along. New apartments in Athens also tend to have numerous apartment amenities, such as resort-style pools, game rooms, volleyball courts, and club houses where social events are held for student residents.

Should I get renters’ insurance?

Renter’s insurance is not a requirement, but it is highly advised as a precautionary measure in case your belongings are stolen or damaged while living even in some of the best student housing in Athens. If something were to happen to your possessions due to burglary, a natural disaster or fire, your landlord would not be responsible. Renters’ insurance can keep you from having to replace everything yourself.

Where can I find nightlife in Athens?

If you’re in the mood to go out at night while living in Athens, downtown is the place to go. Life in downtown Athens is always bustling no matter the time of day. There are various bars, restaurants, nightclubs and concert venues located in the area for all-night entertainment.

What are some good places to eat?

Athens, GA, is littered with delicious restaurants in every corner. If you’re on a student budget and seeking a meal that will fill you up, Cookout is the place to go. This restaurant serves burgers, BBQ, milkshakes and a large selection of sides all at a friendly price, making it a student favorite. Other great restaurants near UGA are The National, Mama’s Boy, The Grill, Pauley’s Crepe Bar, and Ike & Jane Cafe and Bakery.

What are fun things to do in Athen on a student budget?

Money can be tight for students but that doesn’t mean that they can’t have fun. Ciné is a local movie theatre that shows indie movies as well as the most current showings and students can get a discount to watch movies for under $10. If you enjoy finding new local bands, many places in Athens such as Hendershot’s Coffee Bar, Caledonia Lounge, Flicker Theatre & Bar, and Highwire Lounge host live music for free or for a $5–$10 cover. You can visit the Georgia Museum of Art for a view of its must-see works of art and its complimentary admission.

Where can I go shopping in Athens?

When it’s time for shopping in Athens, GA, head to Georgia Square Mall. There you will be able to shop dozens of top brand stores to find what you need. If you want local shops, then Downtown is the place to find them.

How can I lower my utility bill?

To lower your utility bill, turn off any lights when they are not needed, unplug electronics that are not in use, take shorter showers, only use the dishwasher and washer for full loads, and use fans and blankets to moderate temperatures rather than solely relying on your A/C and heater.

What can I do to ensure a good relationship with my roommate?

Living with another person may be a new experience, especially if it is a roommate whom you don’t know. In order to ensure an amicable relationship, you should clearly communicate with each other and establish certain boundaries if needed. The more you communicate, the less likely it is for someone to do something that the other person dislikes. Also, try to spend time in common areas rather than your room so that you can get to know each other and maybe even go out to explore the city together.

Where can I take my family when they visit me?

If your parents are coming to Athens to visit, you may be wondering where to take them. Downtown is the spot many students choose to take their families because of the vast amounts of activities, restaurants and entertainment in the area. Downtown also has many fine restaurants that you may want to try, especially if your parents will be picking up the check.

What student housing options are there in Athens?

Athens, GA, provides many housing options both on-campus and off-campus for UGA students. On-campus housing options include dorms, suites and apartments. Off-campus housing can include rental homes, condos, townhouses and apartments. At Athens Ridge, we provide new student housing Athens students can choose for comfortable and luxurious living.

What are some cool amenities that apartments offer?

Top apartments in Athens offer their residents many resort-style amenities for a truly spectacular living experience. Some of the amenities we provide at Athens Ridge are a huge UGA-themed pool, a lazy river to tube and relax, a beach area with sand volleyball, a 20-foot outdoor TV, a fire pit, charcoal grills, tanning beds, a study lounge, a fitness center and much more!

How can I meet new people in Athens?

When moving to a new city it might seem difficult to make new friends. The best way to start meeting people is by getting involved in university events and social gatherings hosted specifically for students. UGA also has many organizations that you can join to meet people with similar interests, while building up your resume at the same time.