Student Guide to Athens, GA

Guide to Athens, GA

Guide To Athens

Moving to a new city to attend a university is both exciting and scary. While many new adventures await you, you must also get to know the city, meet new people and find out where the best place would be for you to live. Athens, GA, is a great city with lots of diversity and culture that provides more than enough to keep its residents and University of Georgia students with plenty to do and experience. Thankfully, you don’t have to figure out the city on your own. This guide provides information on some of the most popular neighborhoods to live in for students, things to do and places to eat. At Athens Ridge, we provide townhouses Athens students can choose for resort-style living at an affordable price.

Best Neighborhoods for Athens Student Living

Athens, GA, is more than just a college town; however, the large student population certainly plays a major part in the diversity and character of the city. Different areas of the city provide its residents with their own unique attractions that meet their style of living. These are the top-four preferred neighborhoods for Athens student housing.

Five Points

Five Points is very likely the most student-oriented neighborhood in Athens. In fact, the area feels more like an extension of the university than part of the city. Five Points is located within walking distance from the UGA campus, making daily commuting a breeze, and it’s also in close proximity to the sorority and fraternity houses, making it a perfect location for any student considering rushing. The area provides multiple study spots, coffee shops and some of the best student housing in Athens as well as popular restaurants and entertainment.

Normaltown & Prince Avenue

Normaltown & Prince Avenue is located in the northwest side of downtown Athens and is the perfect place for any students drawn to nightlife and the peculiar gems of the city. While Five Points is more student oriented, Normaltown and Prince Avenue provides a more appealing area for locals, given its many town-favorite restaurants, bars and night clubs. This side of town has something for everyone and is bound to provide enough entertainment and attractions week after week.


Downtown Athens could very well be the most lively area in all of Athens, GA, and is perfect for those students who prefer the bustling life. Located by North Campus, downtown Athens is the melting pot of the city. You can find everything from bars, restaurants and nightclubs to concert venues, local shops and top-rated apartments in Athens. One thing is for certain, in downtown Athens the entertainment and attractions will stretch into the late hours every night of the week, providing its residents with fun at all times of the day.


For a more relaxed and removed lifestyle, Chicopee-Dudley provides the perfect environment. The area is located on the eastern side of the city and provides its residents with a unique atmosphere compared to the bustling life of areas like Downtown. The location isn’t without its attractions, though. In Chicopee-Dudley, residents can find multiple coffee shops, restaurants, parks and even shopping.

Places to Go in Athens

  • Bishop Park: Bishop Park is perfect for those who want to get some exercise, play a team sport or simply have a picnic. The park contains a track, a large field, swimming during the summer and a playground. It also hosts a farmers market on Saturdays.
  • Vision Video: Remember the old video stores where you could go and rent from a selection of a hundred different movies on-site? While they are hard to come by now, Athens still has a local video store. Vision Video provides Athens with the latest releases and classics for rent.
  • Georgia Theatre: Built in 1889 and restored and reopened in 2011 after burning down in 2009, the Georgia Theatre is one of the favorite spots in Athens. In this famous venue, you can catch many of the big, national-touring bands perform.
  • Creature Comforts Brewing Co.: Creature Comforts Brewing Co. is not just a brewery with tours and great beers, it is also a popular hangout spot year round. The brewery provides communal tables, a cool interior, a side lot with live music and of course, a selection of beers.
  • Ciné: Ciné is a local cinema and lounge in Athens with a great selection of films for residents. The cinema constantly screens many independent films that are hard to find in other theaters. During the summer, Ciné also hosts its Summer Film Series.
  • Georgia Museum of Art: With over 9,000 works of art, the Georgia Museum of Art is the official state art museum of Georgia and a must see. Admission is complimentary, and its art pieces are bound to keep you in awe for hours.
  • Georgia Square Mall: Whenever you need to get shopping done, head to Georgia Square Mall. With dozens of top brand stores, you will find everything you need and often at great deals.

Places to Eat in Athens

  • Cookout: Do you enjoy BBQ, burgers and milkshakes? Cookout offers this delicious food at a budget-friendly price, making it a favorite place for students to dine.
  • Ted’s Most Best: Located in downtown Athens, Ted’s Most Best is the perfect place for hand-tossed pizza and beer. It is also considered one of the restaurants with the best outdoor dining areas.
  • The National: The National is a culinary cornerstone of Athens, GA, and a must try for every resident and visitor. The restaurant serves a Mediterranean-inspired menu that is absolutely exquisite.
  • The Globe: The Globe is a local favorite and a great hangout spot for groups. Apart from a delicious menu, the restaurant also hosts free Irish music jam sessions on Sunday afternoons made up of the locals.
  • Ike & Jane: Ike & Jane is a doughnut and breakfast-sandwich spot with great outdoor seating for a relaxing start to your day. This local favorite serves a large menu of unique, freshly made doughnuts daily.

Student Housing in Athens, GA

If you are moving to Athens, GA, and looking for student housing near the University of Georgia, look no further. At Athens Ridge, we provide premier townhome-style student apartments just minutes away from campus and with everything you could need for relaxing and comfortable living. Contact us today for an apartment you’ll be glad to call home during your years at UGA.